RENEWAL of Endorsement

Prior to the expiration of the initial 5-year RP-T endorsement, a renewal application must be submitted via RP-T online to secure the remaining 5 years within the 10-year approval period. Below are scenarios applicable for a renewal application:

  1. The validity of the initial 5-year RP-T sticker is near to expiring, as such renewal application can be submitted 6 months before the current RP-T sticker expired.
  2. Obtained a new passport while the RP-T sticker in the old passport has less than 6 months of validity.
  3. In any time that the RP-T sticker is less than 6 months, and the 10-year approval still has remaining balance from the date of RP-T approval was issued.

We would like to remind that RP-T holders are required to maintain eligibility criteria throughout the 10-year of approval. Supporting documents are necessary to ensure compliance with these criteria. The following are the eligibility criteria:


  • Holds a valid RP-T pass in the current passport.
  • Earns a basic monthly salary of RM15,000.00 which excludes any allowances and/or bonuses.
  • Residing in Malaysia and holding a valid employment contract with a company in Malaysia at the time of the renewal application
  • Has a Malaysian income tax file number and has paid income tax for the most recent 2 years (minimum) at the time of application. Total annual income declared in the 2 years' tax filings needs to be commensurate with the minimum monthly income (at least RM180,000 per annum).
Failure to fulfil the above criteria will result in the renewal application being reviewed and represented in the RP-T panel meeting for a decision.
online submission
Log in with existing user ID and password to access application.

Go to My Renewal tab and make payment for the Application fee.

Fill up the required fields and update the information accordingly. Please ensure all details are up to date.

Please go to STEP 1 to upload all essential documents. Documents can be submitted in JPG, JPEG, and PDF.
Please see provided checklist.

STEP 2 under MY Dependants/SVP, to upload documents (if any).

STEP 3 to make payment for application fee.

STEP 4 to submit the application. The processing time is 14 working days from submission of complete documents.

Upon approval, please go to STEP 5 to make IMMIGRATION Payment in the system to proceed with PASS DELIVERY process.

Upon successful payment, please go to STEP 6 to initiate pass printing, upload the required document

STEP 7 to submit pass printing for pass delivery process. If the application is complete, the pass will be processed in 7 working days and will be delivered to the applicant by Pos Malaysia as follows:
a) Klang Valley: Two (2) working days
b) Other States: Three (3) working days

A notification via email will be sent to the applicant to notify on the delivery date. 

The Pass will be delivered to the applicant’s delivery address as stated in the RP-T system.
**For detailed information, kindly refer to the guidelines and frequently asked questions (FAQ) as below:

A. Delivery of Endorsed Pass
B. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
endorsement extension FEE STRUCTURE


Fees (RM)
1. Fees applicable upon submission of passport(s) for issuance of RP-T sticker

Immigration Pass Fee - Per Applicant
Multiple Entry Visa Charges (if applicable)
Application Fee (renewal)

Payment can be made via online payment, credit card or debit card.
* Includes 8% SST and is payable to 'Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad’

Disclaimer: These offerings are subject to errors, omissions, and change of price or withdrawal without notice. 

Start early. Extend your RP-T endorsement online today to continue enjoying the benefits of the pass.

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